Review: Vista SP1 beta

by Aaron 10/20/07

I stumbled upon the fact the Vista SP1 beta was recently released and also the fact that there is a hack available the will allow the general public to install this beta.  I just wanted to pass my experience along because I found that the SP1 beta cleared up a couple of annoying issues that have really been bugging me since I started using vista 3 months ago.

My computer is a Dell Lattitue D630 with 2GB RAM, Nvidia grapics, 7200 RPM hard drive and core 2 duo 2.2ghz processor runnning Vista premium 32 bit.  With this configuration I thought I should have a pretty fast laptop, but my experience was slow boot/resume times and overall lagginess.  Below are a list of issues that have been noticably improved after installing SP1:

  1. Resume from sleep is much faster now it take less then 10 seconds to resume from sleep.  Previously this could take up to 2 minutes.
  2. More responsive UI, have not noticed any lagginess, I think this was related to some networking fixes in the service pack.
  3. Visual Studio 2005 runs better.  I have had nothing but problems with Visual Studio, some days it would work OK and other days it would be super slow to do code complete or syntax highlighting.  I think this may have been related to the networking fixes as well.

All in all I have not had any issues with the SP only improvements.  I'll be sure to update this post if I run into any SP related issues.


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