Review: ScrewTurn Wiki

by Aaron 08/02/07


About 2 months ago I was looking for a wiki platform for my day job (  I was looking for an based WIKI, but was open to other platforms...  Luckily I ran across ScrewTurn and was super impressed.  It seems to be a very well organized project utilizing the latest platform features, plus it was very easy to get setup and customize.

Originally I wasn't sure what we would use a WIKI for, but I knew I needed some sort of intranet/document repository for the various departments at Voler.  It turns out the ScrewTurn is perfect as an Intranet platform.

Below are the top things that I like about ScrewTurn:

  • No DB required, it stores all articles (and previous version) as text files
  • Extensible modular platform, making it easy for others to build onto it
  • Support for single signon using Active Directory (someone is developing an extension for this)
  • Simple easy to understand framework (this means it's easy to customize)

go to  for more info.


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