Project: Tap Time

by Aaron 07/08/08

One of my first IT/IS jobs was implementing a Time and Attendance system and the interfacing it with the payroll system.  This sounds easy but it involved integrating home grown system developed in Access by the warehouse manager and implementing 3 new timeclocks at two different facilities and over 400 employees during the busy season.  Through this project I learned much about Time Keeping systems and told myself I could create better system that was accessible via the web.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was looking for side work and I found a posting on the Cal Poly Help Wanted Forum requesting a timekeeping system for a small Bay area Landscape Company.  I eventually bid and got the contract for the job and implemented the first version of what I now call Tap Time.

Tap Time is now in its third version and is actively being used by a Local San Luis Obispo Based government agency and other local businesses.  The program has grown to include many project management/budgeting features that are key for Government work.  It is entirely web based and includes payroll export features and numerous management reports.

Provide acurrate and easy to use web based time keeping with advanced budgeting project management features.


  • Developed in 2.0
  • SQL Server 2000 backend
  • Advanced Budgeting Features
  • Ability to Bill hours to a project
  • Customizable for individual clients
  • Available as either on on site install or hosted solution
  • Export to Payroll feature

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