Project: POSimple - Point Of Sale using Microsoft Access

by Aaron 07/08/08

This is a project that I started over a year ago and have continued to make numerous small improvements to.  The database is currently in use at one Chinese restaurant based in the Bay Area.  They have two terminals each with receipt printers and one printer for the kitchen.  Prior to using this software the restaurant took all of their orders manually with pen and paper and added up totals using a calculator.  Implementation of the software also included installing 2 computers and touch screens (done by Cortex Computer). 

I'm thinking about releasing a version of this database as a sort of Open Source project as I think many other small restaurants could easily alter the program to fit their own needs.

An easy to use Point Of Sale Program (Unicode compatible - meaning it will display and print Mandarin Characters) for a small resturant.  The program is capably of printing reciepts applying discounts, free drinks (and still apply the tax) and many other features.  Since it is implemented in Microsoft Access is relatively easy to alter it or build off of.


  • Microsoft Access Database (2000 Format)
  • VBA Code for all events
  • Unicode Compatible
  • Ability to Manage Items
  • Screen design done by editing Access forms
  • Touch screen Compatible

Update! POSimple released as open source:

Download Here

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