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by Aaron 01/17/11

One of the features we have put a lot of work into over the last few months is WebEngine's integrated blogging services.  A blog post is unique from other site content in that there is an author, a category, published date, tags, and comments.  

With an integrated blog you can decide to display your most recent posts on you site's home page as done here:


or create a image centric tile of teaser as seen here:

These are just two of the examples of you can leverage the integrated blog.  The concept behind blogging is to keep your sites content fresh and allow for two way communication with your sites audience.

The back-end tool for blog posts is very straight forward.  It consists of a way to list your posts:


and to create/edit posts you use the familiar WYSIWIG editor (CK editor) that is used throughout WebEngine:

Posts are also syndicated using RSS making it very easy for your site's visitors to subscribe to your feed, or even tie your feed into Facebook.  Please contact us if your interested in WebEngine and it's integrated blogging services.

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