What We Do

Our primary focus is designing and implementing complex web applications.   We use a combination of open source and proprietary code to meet our clients objectives.

Staying Organized

We utilize subversion to track all code changes, so we always have backups of all your code revisions.  Basecamp is utilized to the fullest to track all of your project's to-do items and as a clearing house for any communication regarding your project.

Ongoing Support

You are assigned a specific developer and provided daily status updates.  Once we launch your project our job is not done, we provide comprehensive hosting and support for the first year after we launch a project.  No more pointing fingers as to why something is not working we are the ones you can call if anything is not working right.


Prior to starting a project we will provide you with a project outline and quote  The outline will list what our responsibilities are including delivery dates and estimated hours.  The quote is based on the number of estimated hours that it will take to launch your project.  If you have a very ambitious project we reccomend breaking it into smaller pieces and providing a phased project plan.  Our standard fee is $110 an hour.


For WebEngine hosting detail see webenginestudio.com/Pricing/

Standard (Non-WebEngine)  Hosting Packages:


  • $7 - month or $77 - annual
  • 200MB Disk Space
  • 2 GB transfer
  • 1 domain


  • $15 - month or $165 - annual
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 20 GB transfer
  • 3 domains


  • $30 - month or $330 - annual
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 60 GB transfer
  • unlimited domains


All packages include

  • asp.net 4.0
  • php
  • mySQL
  • ftp access


Tool Set

  • WebEngine
  • ASP.net, C#
  • subversion
  • ckeditor
  • jQuery
  • mongoDB
  • SQL Server