Grace SLO: New Website

by Aaron 12/20/10

Earlier in the year we launched Christ Church East Bay using WebEngine.  I knew that my local church, Grace SLO, could use a similarly functioning site.  The previous site had many shortcomings that could be easily addressed with the functionality provided by WebEngine.

So I called up my pastor, Tim, and asked if he wanted help setting up a new site for our church.  He was very excited about the possibilities so we set an aggressive launch and got to work.  We looked a wide variety of other church sites and analyzed what worked well from an aesthetic and ministry perspective. 

Originally the goals for the new site where simple:

  1. Create an easy to use and informative Website
  2. Make it easier to find church resources (i.e. Sunday sermons, special event recordings)

As with most projects there was some feature creep as the possibilities where realized of how much a new Website would help the ministry of the church.

By the time we launched the new site we had accomplished the original goals plus:

  1. Consolidate event listings sign-ups using a combination Google Calendar & Docs
  2. Provide a dynamic place for every one of Grace's growing ministries

The Grace website is know seen as a dynamic extension of the church that is constantly being updated and tended to.  We plan to continuously add new features and functionality to meet the growing needs of Grace.

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